Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My Long List of ...whatever

Somedays all I have to do is 'this and that' on my long list of 'whatever'. Its hard to expect any quilt to be completed without days and days, even weeks or months of prep work. Its like expecting the magick of the Universe to start bringing experiences and things into my life that I haven't even named. Long ago I learned that if I went to the grocery store without a list, I came back with bags full of things I only wanted and nothing that I needed!

My quilting list for each week gets me to pull out all my projects and take them to the next step. For instance, today, I did more of the machine quilting on the Summer Blues quilt, and pieced a back to one of the wallhangings. And I put borders on an Autumn wallhanging. This one was a little tricky because of the fabrics I had in the closet that would work. The inside background around the heart charms reads nice here simply because of the first dark border as well as the lovely focus fabric. It was challenging to find these.

Most of the next-step tasks are not photo worthy or distract from the finish of a quilt which would be 'ho-hum' if it shows up on the blog too often. They require small spurts of my attention too, so that I am able to do laundry, vacuum, or take on other household chores.

Its like every day, I come into my studio and ask myself, 'what do you have in store for me?' I know that if I haven't planned ahead for the week, I am going to come in here and bounce around and settle for whatever seems to grab my attention. Sure life can get in the way and make other plans for me in any given moment (like it did when I sliced my fingertip and went to ER). I just never know what I will get unless I ask for it first.