Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Looking Inward

I found myself looking inward as I quilted today. Taking this particular action means learning how to fix one's self rather than trying to fix anyone else.

The pic taken of the red & white quilt is in morning sunshine on my floor in front of Eastern windows. It didn't take much to lay the white prints down alternating with the reds. I pinned, then pieced it and put it away until I go shopping. It seems like a white fabric with red dots would work for the setting triangles and maybe enough for the back. This will be the last quilt made for a family member until more babies or adults join.

I worked to finish the machine quilting on Grace's Spring quilt. These little Great-Nieces are part of my Mother line. I am the eldest of my generation and they are the ones to carry it on, or at least it falls to Grace as the eldest. In a lot of cultures and traditions, the eldest female in a family is considered the Matriarch. I didn't want the job. My Mother still lives as the eldest of her generation, and in her state of advancing dementia, she doesn't want the job.

So here I am working on this quilt for the eldest female of her generation. The binding is clipped so I can hand sew it. Usually it takes me a night or two to finish after the binding is machine sewn on and then clipped. 

I paid a full price on that focus print to have both the pink and yellow on it and I am so glad I did. There was very little left, perhaps a small square or two, and nothing much left of the yellow with white dots used for the back. I have gotten very good at calculating how much I need and tend not to buy that extra yardage that a lot of quilters purchase to build their stash. For me, stash-building is not something I want to do.

And I am becoming rather singularly focused in finishing a quilt or at least going as far as I can with it. That is a huge difference in how I am working. It will be interesting to see if I can actually change my behavior in favor of organization.