Saturday, January 2, 2016

Did it Again

Forgot to take a photo of a project and got it wrapped for shipping. I've been working on a number of items so that I could take them to the post office, and it wasn't until I started writing here that I remembered. In one way, the projects belong to the recipients and after all that I have done, its not important to me to log them any more.

I finished the two wallhangings for my Sons. I didn't have enough white muslin for the backings and used a green fabric that is ugly enough not to want to use it for the top of anything else. Each got a sleeve.

The other small thing I made was for a Swap-Bot WTA (Winner Take All) gift. All I did with this one was to outline the Sun-Moon-Stars on the fabric and bind it with what was on the back. I considered opening the envelope and making up a new one and then just let it go. The recipient lives in the West Indies, so it also required a customs form. It became more trouble to tear it apart than I cared to get into this morning.

The weather is bitter-freezing and winds quite fierce this morning. Getting outside at 10 am to drop everything off is a challenge. I do plan to head into the big city of Palmdale after everything gets taken into the PO, so its one trip. I fed the birds when I got up and could hardly bear the winds. I'll try to take pictures of the next projects.