Thursday, January 14, 2016

I Don't Wanna

Jeeze, I found myself whining these words of 'I don't wanna' as if someone were making me do my work. Pulling out the 'kits' and taking them another step is tedious. It is difficult to generate creative energy to pick something up that is unfinished and sat for too long, yet the goal for all of them is to take them to having at least the top finished or with the back. What is left to do is basting the batting to make the quilt sandwich. Why they were left unfinished varies from not having enough of the right color fabric to simply being confused as to how to read the pattern correctly.

I've set in place a huge goal for myself, one that seemed simple at the time, and is now forcing me to evolve. I won't say grow up, because it is not like that. I WANT to finish what I started last year, or several years ago. I WANT to move these projects along.

I re-organized by color again because it seemed that I didn't have pastels. Well, I do have some. Not a lot, but some. Now that there is a shopping list, pastels and other tone on tone fabrics will be on it.

Although the Winter Solstice holidays are over for now, and there are no babies planned in our family, I pulled out the two 'book-panel-to-quilt' projects. One of them is ready for batting and this second one still needed to be put together. I made holiday comforters for my Grandbabies long ago for their first Winter Solstice. And although none of them are ready to bring babies into the world, it doesn't take much to get started. I figure that as I age, it is a better plan to have some baby comforters ready to finish than it is to make them from the very start. And if I make them easy to finish, even the new Mommy could finish what I started if I can't.

As I worked on joining the bright squares and adding those rows to the book panels, my spirits raised. These two quilts are going to be fun. Suddenly, I was out of the blue fabric and went back into my stash to find a couple of larger squares that were cut to the needed size. It just needs to be assembled and the top will be finished.

All that resistance is gone now that I see it come together, and I am quite inspired to finish the 'kits'.

Cleaning up my stash is a way for me to find balance as a quilter. It is a way for me to quilt and to give with more joy. One of my values concerns the environment, and so using what I have makes sense. It also seems like it is a way for me to open to the Universe.