Friday, January 15, 2016

Scraps to Treasures

I thought about the term 'rags to riches' and don't consider the fabric scraps I have as rags, so thought about what I meant until 'Scraps to Treasures' came to me and seemed more appropriate.

I finished the top and back for the second of the book-panel-to-quilts. And of course, it makes me laugh to know that when I shop from my closet, sometimes, what will show up for a quilt will be something a bit interesting. I didn't have fabric set in the bag for the border and found this stripe that does actually work but wouldn't have been a choice for a baby comforter. After I finish both of these, and sometime toward the end of Summer, they will be donated to the women's shelter in Bakersfield. I cannot wait for new babies in my family to give these, and want to move them along to someone who can use them now. I just do not want to store things here. It almost seems like hoarding.

I shifted shift a few storage bins around; first to contain quilt projects that are as complete as they can be and only need batting next; and second, those projects that can be worked on before buying something more. I haven't figured out how often it will be that I go shopping so that these 'almost finished' projects can be done. 

It is like an entire lesson in releasing and letting go. There is one bin that contains those 'more-to-do' projects that I want to deal with first. One thing that helped me this year is agreeing to do projects for those 14 Facebook Friends. One of the local women traded me a vial of essential oil for a wallhanging, so that added to my to-do list.

Sending things out is part of the process, and if I don't send out when finished, like I said, it almost seems like more hoarding. I have a friend who puts together so many quilts she gives to those in need (about 30 each year!) and she says the same thing about having stash. It seems to grow without her knowing why or how.

Well, one has to keep at it. I worked on the binding for Grace's Spring and have more to go on it. I loaded bobbins with a blue in order to machine quilt the next one going out.
Scraps to Treasures. Scraps to Treasures.