Saturday, January 16, 2016

Quilts for the Great-Nieces

Someone once told me that when you plan to make siblings quilts to give them all at once. This logic made sense to me. Most of the time, there are two siblings in my family units. Yet, some families have three and these Great-Nieces have that number. So its taken me awhile to finish all three and now all I need to do is write letters to go with the quilts, wrap them and off they go.

Oh wait. Before they get wrapped, I need to check all the seams, cut loose threads and take photos. Yes.

I have been thinking that I put energy into the quilts I make for the people who will receive them. I am wondering now, if I pick up their energy. I have also been thinking that I wanted to stay singularly focused by doing one project from start to finish rather than multi-tasking. I discovered, this week, that it doesn't work for me.

There were three projects going at the same time. One of them is the Lil Twister Heart wallhanging. This one is for Beltane/May Day. I gathered 5" charms that had Springy-floral patterns and used a floral tone-on-tone white for the background and first border. The plan is for a purple second border and then a final focus print with purple binding. Not sure yet if that will happen.

The time it takes for this project is first to join the blocks, and then to use the Lil Twister plastic template to cut the pinwheel shapes. Here they are cut and pinned, so ready to piece. I am quite aware that people still think a quilt of any size needs to match their sofa or wall colors. Fabric art is supposed to be enjoyed no matter if it fits in or stands out.

I was also machine quilting a larger quilt that will take a lot more time. It is a scrap quilt that I started YEARS ago and had it to this final step. I got maybe 1/8 of it quilted. It will be one of the projects I send from the FB list of 14. I did say that I had either quilts, wallhangings, table toppers, and mug rugs. So with this large group of sister-friend-siblings, I plan to ship finished projects off when they are done, and they will get what they get. The bromide of giving equally will not apply.

And it is hard to go against a belief, even when it is about quilts and the people who receive them.