Saturday, January 23, 2016

PT 2, Saturday

(This didn't get onto Saturday's post, so I am reposting as a second part) I spent time joining flannel scraps together. Larger ones, not the small pieces. It is a WOF (width of fabric) with the length that measures 5 1/2 yards. There are still leftover pieces that I can add once I figure out what is needed. My plan is to back one of the Facebook projects, so it can get cut and joined again and again to fit. It made me feel accomplished to find a way to use the scraps with a purpose.

Sometimes when I think of the cycle of giving that happened for me with all this fabric, I realize that its the same whenever we share our resources or time. Sharing became a part of my life long ago and seems natural to me now. Yet I know that it isn't always like that for others.

Hoarding is natural too. Whether we hold on to things because of something that happened in this life or a previous life, some of us need everything we have gathered or received. Sometimes even when a person gives away their goods, they stay invested in how things are used or spent.

I think it is key to give with joy, and then to release whatever went out from us.