Thursday, January 21, 2016

Closet Shopping Spree

Colored storage bins hide the contents even if the bin is labeled. The only way to see what is actually in them is to take them out of the closet and go through them. Again. 

What I found were all the 'kits' I had made some months ago. Until I start cutting to take them all to that next stage, fabric in the 'kit' means it is dedicated to that project, and not available for use elsewhere for the time being. I pulled out scraps of muslin and of flannel. I started joining muslin for wallhanging backs and flannel for the Autumn quilt. That almost frees up one bin once I can make use of it on the backs of something.

And then there is cutting of the scraps I made myself. It seems like such an endless task, yet is one that must be done. As I work on projects, I try to cut the leftovers into my square sizes (2.5", 3", 4", 5", 6", 8" and various strip sizes) and toss them into a small box. When the box is full-up, then I cut. All these pieces will be put into their smaller bins and wait until something I want calls for them. I am starting to envision them as backs to some of the projects.

My friend Amy asked for the leftover fabric so she could add a sleeve to the piece I sent her. She said it might seem silly to have the same fabric for the sleeve because she was the only one who would see it. Yet, I get how she was thinking. She DID know what it looked like and needed it to be as wonderful in back as it was in front.

It is hard for me to just sort fabric without making a 'kit' and having a plan for it. Not only is it practical, it also provides any other person who needs to go through my stuff have an idea how to use it.