Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Can It Be Spring?

I have a cardboard box left from a holiday delivery sitting next to my fireplace that will hold all three quilts meant for my Great-Nieces. The quilts are not Winter Solstice gifts nor for their birthdays. Sometimes I think that the best lesson my family quilts has taught me is one in letting go.

It isn't always about letting go of a person, but it is that too. It can be more about letting go of expectations or dreams, or letting go of attitudes.

As I basted the elder Great-Niece's quilt, the challenge it presented me was that the tape holding the back kept lifting. When I put the batting on, the entire back broke free of the tape and everything had to be smoothed out over and over again. It would have been so much easier if another person was in the room to help hold down the bottom and batting, yet, the situation had me walking around each side to tug the back into place, and then needing to walk around to the opposite side to tug it from that way. Obviously, there was no controlling the situation and I had to make due with what I had both in resources and skills.

Like this little Grrrl who lost her Mommy a few years ago, the work challenged me, and will challenge her in ways she may or may not see as she grows up.

I plan to machine quilt it using a diagonal grid and have the same dark pink used for that first border that will go onto the binding. Its going to be a nice piece when finished.

After running errands in town, I came home and did more piecing on one of my 'kit' projects. There is one more row of blocks to add, and then a couple of borders. I told my Daughter-in-Law that I would give her a quilt if she needed something for a fundraiser. This one is quite colorful and perfect for a younger Grrrl. Hopefully, I can shop from my closet for the borders and finish it.