Monday, January 25, 2016

A Paper Day

One of my neighbors came into the clubhouse when I was basting a quilt earlier this month. We decided to meet and do some of our own scrapbooking projects. I took a tote bag holding my family scrapbooks, and I brought some other Swap-bot projects to work on. I don't consider myself very skilled with paper arts and do very simple cutouts, glue sticks and store-bought accessories.

For the family project I got to thinking about how often there are three sisters in my Motherline. I don't have photos going back to my Grandmother's era, but think she had two Sisters. Then she had three Daughters. We lost a generation of Daughters on the Motherline, yet my elder Son has three Daughters, and I have three Great-Nieces. Unfortunately, my printer ink smeared so didn't get to that work.

My Swap-bot projects include a Valentine's Day Handmade Valentine for a woman who is quite the artist. I made her a similar 'hug' prayer flag I gave my younger Son for his birthday. Picture! 

Another of four Valentine swaps is for a 'kids' card' going out to 10 people. I bought these fun little cards that have Valentine buttons on them. And in order to mail them, also purchased blank cards with envelopes. I want to write, in kid printing...Do you like me? 
[] Yes  []No ...on the front and sign the inside with the swap information. However, it will show up better with a black marker pen and I didn't bring that. I did write my return addy on the envelopes. 

Then I am in a couple of swaps that re-use holiday cards as 4x6 postcards, so needed to simply glue them onto card stock to have them ready to mail out once the partners are assigned. Done.

I also bought regular valentine cards to send out that I started preparing as well by putting the return addy's on the envelopes. Gotta get on that soon.

Right now, I have a long list of quilting projects I want to do this week. Most of them are ones I need to carry to the next step and with luck, would get them to the stage of simply needing batting.