Friday, January 8, 2016

OMGoddess! Scraps

Because three of the 14 of my Facebook friends suggested their favorite holiday was those of the Harvest festivals in Fall, I spent several hours with every piece of Fall fabric, cutting them into usable squares for the 3 Twister template sizes: 3.5"--5"--and 10". And meanwhile, it made sense to cut the 2.5"--3"--4"--6"and--8".

I am thinking that I need to spend time joining those pieces that will be just blocks. However, I admit that just cutting was exhausting, with all the standing, measuring, and making sure the rotary didn't slip and cut ME.

My finger is healed, the nail growing and the nerve endings settled into how they will serve. I still bump it and jump back. But I am quite aware of the rotary.

And I finished the Maiden Prayer Flag. Now that I see a pic of it, I did something grrrlie-grrl over those 3 strips of ribbon. A bow. It took me awhile to reflect on my own Maidenhood, that time before puberty. Its all about self-discovery, wanting to stay in the home nest and longing to grow up. I think the best thing I ever taught myself was to stand out rather than fit in. Its not an easy place to be, and I know I value this concept today. "Why fit in? You were born to stand out!"