Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ready for Shipping

Although everything is closed around here on Monday, including the PO, I got the three quilts checked out for loose threads, and pre-washed the last two I put together with some COLOR CATCHER. I don't know what the laundry habits are for the kids and want to give their quilts a fighting chance to stay true to color.

Quilt patterns can often be different sizes and these three are. This first one goes to the eldest of the three grrrlie-grrls and is the largest. Its all by chance. No planning. Just turned out that way. 

While I added the binding, it was over my lap for a couple of nights and almost formed a tent fort. I loved it. I have heard that she is always cold and this cotton quilt will be nice.

The second one is square. It is smaller than the first and really quite different. The flannel back makes it cozy, and it is also tied, with a bit of machine top stitching on top only. 

What a difference the seasons make. Spring above is light. Autumn or Fall is more intense. While it is smaller, it still makes a nice personal lap or nap quilt and will be just as cherished as the larger quilt.

And third is a Summer log cabin lap or nap size quilt for the youngest of the three. Its dark blue on the back, so if she wants to drag it outside as a play mat, or beach blanket, she can and it will be ok. It also was pre-washed so those reds and blues didn't make the whites turn any other color. 

Now I need to write the letters and it will most likely take me the next day or so to get them done.

I do plan to go to the big city on Monday to for some shopping and to use up one of my gift cards eating out. No sense hanging around town when everyone hibernates!