Friday, January 29, 2016

1 More Block Left to Make

Well, yes, three more blocks are finished for the quilt, yet one more to go. That Martha Washington Block. Gahhh.

I believe in magick. I think everyone does even though they name it other things because magick defines their beliefs, in my opinion.  We have to be careful about what we believe and what we think because these thoughts and beliefs are what we make happen in our lives or make manifest. Sometimes it is our beliefs that hold us back too if we believe we cannot do a thing, cannot be a thing.

This is the current layout for the quilt, which will change when I finish the last block and before the sashing is ready to go on. There is so little left of the fabric for the blocks. One of them is cut and ready to piece. That Martha Washington Block.

This 9-Patch Variable Block was so easy. The smaller blocks were cut from tiny scraps which was such a grace in scrap quilting and about all that was left to use. Sometimes the smallest bit of magick is what we need to change our lives. Yet, it seems that we must look for it, must see it in simple ways. Magick doesn't have to be huge, like winning billions of dollars. It is the result of what we think and what we believe.  

Finishing that one so easily gave me time to cut and piece the Dresden Plate Block. This is one I've made for other reasons. I had set aside the background piece, and then looked at what scraps were left and how they would look together. The photo doesn't show the true colors of fabrics but gives a good sense of how it looks. I really love this block and am glad to include it.

Then, with enough time and enough scraps, I made this one called obviously, Tick Tack Toe. Its not easily seen here in the photo, but lime green was used for the corner blocks. Maybe it will show more with the sashing.

What surprises me about the colors in this quilt is that most of them are various shades of red, along with the floral print on black. Yet, the orange dominates it and pulls orange out from almost all of them. I think this will continue with the focus fabric too, which is what the bars on the block above are. I still plan to hand quilt it with a red thread and look for a backing that has more red in it. 

What's this got to do with magick? I don't know and that's the mystery of it all. I do know I need more than a little magick to finish that last block. But it is a priority and I can do it.