Saturday, January 9, 2016

Intermediate Quiltmaker

According to the quilting genre, an intermediate quiltmaker is a person who can take a pattern and change the fabric suggestions and colors or the pattern itself and make it her own creation. That's an interesting concept because, in my opinion, or education system creates a culture of folks who do what they are told and follow the rules without question. 

Those of us who live this out do so until the end of our days. Some of us do not, in spite of the risks of failure, and in spite of the risk of succeeding. Its like that prayer flag I just made that said, "Why fit in? You were born to stand out!"

If I want to use fabric scraps from my stash, I run the huge risk that what I envision will not work. I have been working with the Twisted Heart pattern and my 3 templates. I want to come up with a season and colors my friends requested, based on fabrics I have so I can USE what I have. This first one (made with 3.5" squares) is in Fall colors with purple. After laying the center on several fabrics to audition them for the border, I settled on the same one used for the background squares. I might take some sort of fall print to do the binding just to tie it in. It might end up at about 18" square that would be fine for either a candle mat or small table topper. I'll add the border to it and call it done for now. 

Primarily, why I worked on them now was to see IF it would work with the color options as well as to see if I had enough scraps. I've sorted the 5" squares for the next size up, and need to see about borders.