Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Pet Bed

Well, the pet bed wasn't all I worked on, but it did get finished. The fabric I found is pink with hearts on it. Pets become our familiars quite easily. They are there to listen to us and love us no matter how we feel. I hope the fundraiser can make a nice profit from it.

What I like about making these is being able to use up even the slightest cuts of fabric that would otherwise get tossed in the trash. Not really a pink kinda person, it will go to the craft sale part of the fundraiser for the Humane Society on 2/13/16, so is a perfect fabric for the day. I still had more of the slight cuts and not enough for a second one. They are pretty quick to make so maybe there will be enough for another one before the sale.

Then I worked on various projects by adding borders with the same red thread in the bobbin. I love the variety in this one and respond quite favorably to the reds in it. The top is done now and needs the back and batting. I might see if I have flannel scraps I could make into a similar pattern for the back.

As I try to shop from my closet, the challenge comes in NOT compromising the beauty of the pieces I want to make. This last one worked better than I thought it would. However, it still needs that back. Another goal I had was to make backing and simply match what I made for each, the top and the backing, to make both the same size. Will that be enough or does the back matter when you are wrapping up in the quilt? I have one bin full of flannel so that is my next project.