Monday, January 11, 2016

Surprise, Surprise

When I pulled out one of my 'kits', there was a surprise waiting for me. I wondered if this would be the case with all or most of them. Surprises come however they do.

The pattern was there, with check marks as I had cut and pieced the first steps. Of course, I had not written myself any instructions and so spent a fair amount of time figuring out what the plan had been. This one was easy. In a colored plastic bag inside the clear plastic bag, there were several pieces of fabric, all of which coordinate and some of which had cuts taken from them. I don't know where I got them.

I pinned the other squares that had been cut, some of them pieced into either 9-patch or 4-patch blocks, with other squares cut to the size for the pattern. These pieces are in pastels and look like they were meant for a young grrrlie-grrrl. The pieces above that had been in the other bag look more like they belong to a quilt for an adult. AND they might work with the Twister projects I am working on. I started cutting some of the more scrappy pieces. There are some good size lengths so until I know what I will do with those, they stay uncut.

I finished another BOM for Landi's Graduation quilt and added the frame around it. I am really loving it. The previous Block is unfinished and there is one more to go with this group before it gets assembled. Because the blocks are all so different, I am thinking it will work best if it gets hand quilted.

And while I laid out the red blocks on the floor to see if I liked the diagonal layout, I didn't take a picture of it. I like it and pre-washed the background prints. It is obvious that I will not have enough of the background fabrics to create the setting triangles. It is a totally different quilt from the one I started. I plan to go as far as I can with all these projects, make a list of what I need to purchase, and write very good notes-to-self on them.

That was my goal. Go through the 'kits' to do as much to get them to that place where I need to buy something more. It means creating a good, good list for what I need. 

I am seeing how hard it is to set something down and return to it. However, this might be hard simply because I had not been vigilant in writing those notes-to-self as I plan to be.

When I look at my closets, it seems that they are loaded floor to ceiling in there. At least the doors still slide closed. I wonder if I took on too big a task to quilt in this way. If I don't use the fabric, what would be my other choice? Keep buying? Keep storing more and more?