Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Repeat / No Pic

I finished one of the table toppers that is like the ones I did earlier. Those pictures are posted. The only thing different is the backing. I am going to shop from my closet and will put fabrics on the back that I might not want to use on the front. This one is going out by the end of the week.

So what can I post as pictures?

I spent a fair amount of time taking down lights and the simple holiday decor I put up this year. However, the bin is nothing to photograph. I always think I will wash them before putting them back in the shed. And even clean out the shed! Its been sleeting / snowing the last few hours, and is melting now, so I am not inspired to do much outdoors.

One of my friends told me she thought my quilting was evolving. I am not sure of that. I still struggle with the machine operations. It was clunking up a storm and no matter what I did to ease the noise, it just kept up.  Then one of my mitered corners turned out so crappy. I've been told that we never reveal our mistakes in quilting and just do our best. I try.