Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pulling Out The Kits

When I use the word 'kit', what I mean is that I have pulled out a pattern that I want to use for a quilt, and then gathered fabrics from the closet bins and have them at the ready to do the work. Several years ago, I started gathering reds, whites, and blues for two quilts. One I made and is already elsewhere. The second one was supposed to be a pineapple quilt pattern. As my habit existed back then, I didn't follow the pattern and ended up with red squares with only one white small piece in the centers. I set it aside and felt a deep dissatisfaction with my lack of attention.

There is a new adult member in my family, and so when I asked her for her favorite color and holidays, she said red and her birthday first and Winter Solstice next. 

I pulled out this red package and took a new look at it. I found a new pattern idea, one that I could adapt with the blocks on hand that were already made, and considered how to convert it. The first thing I needed to do was to trim those red blocks to the same size and then go forward with the plan.

Before I cut the white with red prints, I want to lay the blocks out to see if indeed they will work with this pattern. It calls for them on the diagonal, which might be just fine with that center red on white. I need to take a photo of how it looks and then think on it awhile.

Its quite overcast here again and very damp outside. This creates an energy inside that makes a person want to curl up in bed and sleep. That goes against my values of always being productive. Even here on the blog, I feel like I have fallen down on my job if I don't write every day, and I haven't been writing every day because I haven't been quilting every day. Fears set in when I am less productive. They may be irrational, but they are real for me.

Tomorrow is a very busy day starting with basting Grace's Spring quilt, then keeping 2 other appointments, and doing a little in-town shopping. 

I know I will keep up with making the 'kits' as I finish one after another. What I do see is that even with the notes-to-self, sometimes getting back to something after time has passed means that it takes time to read everything, get clear in my head about what I want to do, and then start it. I don't think we can set things aside and just step back in with the same energy, enthusiasm and intention. Returning to a project is work. No getting around that.