Monday, January 18, 2016

Flange or Piping

As I worked on the Block-down-drag-out quilt, I struggled to find fabrics from my closet that would work. I realize, in one way, that I have created an obsession to shopping from my closet. In doing that, I renewed my sense of stubbornness. How do I let go of being this committed to a process? I just can't let go. Its impossible to let go. And for crying out loud, the year has only begun! What will it be like as the months carry on and the supply in my closet dwindles?

I have to use what is there first, in spite of the pattern requirements. Right now, I am still looking at fabric after fabric, seeking the piece that will work. Will there be a time when I KNOW where the right one is?

This morning, I cut a 2" border out of hot pink. Several pinks were in the color bag, but only one was just large enough and that was barely large enough. It was all I had of that fabric, using almost all of the scrap, and put the shavings into the box of scraps for pet beds.

I had some bright yellow cuts left from Grace's backing. A lot of it was less than 1.5" wide and then I got an idea to add a flange or piping to the quilt. I had enough for that by cutting the strips to 1", folding them in half and stitching to the edge with a scant 1/4" seam. With the small border, it adds interest even though it will not add width. Like the hot pink, there were only shavings left. And now, it waits until I can shop for a yard of something grrrlie-grrl in a bright teal print.

I worked on one of the FB projects. This one for Beltane which is May Day, so its all about flowers. Each pinwheel is a floral print and only shows up once, except for the white tone on tone floral for the background and first border. The last border is a floral too so this piece becomes a true May Day celebration even in its intensity.