Friday, January 22, 2016

No Pictures=Didn't Happen

That was one of the 'rules' to the 12 Days of Christmas Swap I was in last year. I really try to remember to take them, but today in my haste to get the two birthday projects completed, I didn't take photos of either of them. And they are great and easy birthday gifts!

One of them was patterned after a kid's school project with a leaning toward paper prayer flags. I made mine with glue and two sides to each cutout. There were also 7 hearts to make it 9 shapes including the two hands. AND in the package, I didn't tell my Son what it was. I got a card off to him with a note in it. He told me he wanted me to send my love; no gifts. Oppps.

The other one is a very cute way to use up the buttons in my collection. I learned a lot about what NOT to do. It needs a stronger wire to weave these buttons, and its best to put the face on last. I ended up with the two wires making two loops. But it turned out cute. These will go in all the bday cards for the kids in my family.

Then last night, I pinned and pinned. Today, I pieced it all. I think there are at least three different quilt projects. Next, I need to unpin, press, pin again and then piece the next round. Its a process that takes time and is almost not photo worthy. I took this one for practice.