Thursday, January 7, 2016

Shopping From the Closet

Its not as easy as one would think to shop their own closet first. After awhile, the fabric gets to be so familiar that to come up with an idea for a quilt is like re-purposing. Most of what I have was given to me by a number of people. Lot of it is scrap left-overs from projects they did. I appreciate every piece of it, and because it isn't the same line or even season, it takes work to coordinate what is there.

I am not sure where I got the piano fabric. It might be enough to do a back or at least the center of the back with a border. There is a black fabric with a note saying it is Amish and that came from my friend Virginia. Some of the pieces I've had and have used, some are FQ's I bought at an estate sale here in town. Putting it together is the first step in making it. Now, this is a kit.

I want to use the larger Twister template to do the same heart pattern I have been using for the mini quilts. I've made a few table toppers, and one 35" square wall hanging. This template might make the same pattern go about 66" square. I've tried calculating it but just need to make one and then keep track of the sizing. If it works, then I can go through the scraps here with ease.

The larger quilts represent a bit more work for me when it comes to the stage of quilting. These Facebook friends said they would be open to receive whatever I chose to make and send. The first one will ship on Saturday, so it will be interesting to hear her response to it.

Gathering the pattern and fabrics, making notes-to-self are all part of being organized and create a purpose to the re-purposing. Even though I have pulled a few of these projects together, I can see how much fabric I still have that is not dedicated to projects for this year. And I know that there will be scraps left. Three of my friends requested Fall or T-day colors. Everything I have for that season is culled out of the bins. I haven't 'kitted' them all yet.

I have a huge container filled with orphan blocks and left-over pieces and strips that I want to make into what I am calling a Gypsy Orphan quilt. Someday, I will need to sit down and spread everything out and see how it fits together. I have an idea, but only that.