Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Its All About the Love

When I decided that I would work the energy BE THE LOVE YOU SEEK, it almost became something to get obsessed with and expressed through my quilting projects.

The word itself can be found everywhere in the stores because of the next holiday. It is branded on everything one sees. And then, like all holidays, when the day passes, we move onto the next thing to sell. Summer.

One of my friends said her favorite holidays were Hallows and Beltane. Beltane of the May Pole. Beltane of the May Baskets and flowers. Suddenly, I had become obsessed with making these heart-centered holiday expressions, and the plans for how to execute them have been constantly rolling through my mind.

I started thinking that this energy is not just about the word love, as much as it is defining what I seek that is love. The year hasn't really started yet even though I have plans for the journey and the process.

I bought a small wooden cutout for the word LOVE, and have it sitting on one of my bookshelves. The same bookshelf where the words JOY and PEACE stand. They also remind me of energies that are invited into my home and my life.

I remember the first time I worked with the word and archetype of PEACEKEEPER. Wow, that one really changed my values. Up until I worked with it, I had a very narrow concept of keeping the peace. I had come from a generation of people, friends, who went into the war and never came out. We protested war. We protested the government and leaders who took us to war. The war was at home between civilians and the people in the military. They didn't get it any more than I did. We were mobs in the streets and on the news, and the violence was with us night and day.

I knew nothing what keeping peace was about. After working with that energy on a deeply spiritual level, I understood the service and sacrifice that men and women give to make peace and give peace that chance John Lennon sang about.

And so here I am making a commitment to BE THE LOVE YOU SEEK and maybe, like the character of another Jon in Game of Thrones, 'I know nothing'.

I'm going to try to learn through the simple mini quilts I plan to make that have this twisted heart as center. We shall see. We shall see.