Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Oh Baby, Baby

I learned a few things from the first of these book-panel-conversion-to-quilt. One important lesson was that the pattern calls for 13 blocks and there are only 12 to the panel. I spent a fair amount of time 'auditioning' fabrics I had in my closet bins to get a look that would satisfy me. While there were no notes-to-self in the container for it either, I had already started the piecing process before putting it away. It was easy to understand because I had just worked on the first one. 

Effective, creative quilting takes practice. Quilting well is a matter of practice, hard work and acquiring skills. I post photos of my finished quilts at the end of each year after the recipients have them and some folks think I just whipped them all up in the last week or so. Hah!

This second book-panel-conversion-to-quilt is a lot brighter than the first one. I might have gone shopping for a better center square but am content with this green that has red ornaments on it. That batik red. I know this quilt will get pre-washed before giving it. With all that white, if the color isn't set, its almost certain to bleed and come out pink.

I'm in no hurry to finish this one either, so it was enough today to select that center square. Tomorrow is always soon enough to work it to the next stage.