Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Tradition

I was lucky to have known all four of my Grandparents. Each of them holds a special place in my heart. 

To honor them, I have two candle holders, one for the Winter months has silver snowflakes in front of each candle glass holder. I light them all at once, left to right, in the order of their passing. Tea lights will burn during the evening. What is interesting is that they go out differently each time. When I first started this tradition, it came to me that the last candle lit burned to tell me that specific Grandparent had something to say to me, and so I started listening, started remembering their values, things they said to me as I was growing up or as an adult.

This last time, the third candle stayed lit. It belongs to my maternal Grandmother who was a quilter. It hasn't been the last to glow for a very long time. Here, I just said I was taking a time out from quilting.

As a result of listening to her, I joined a grief support group to help me deal with the changes in my health, and have made a decision that I will finish the family quilts this year (2016) and concentrate on making smaller quilts such as wall hangings, table toppers or mug rugs where I can practice machine quilting,