Saturday, December 19, 2015

Working on Next Steps

It is my goal to work on my quilting projects in my closet, and take them as far as I can before purchasing more fabric. I love the new pieces that have been coming my way from people who want to support my work.

I returned to this project and did some top stitching on the top alone. It is more of an outline stitch as it is away from seams. Now I need to put some borders on a piece for the backing and then it will be ready for poly batting. Right sides will be sewn together rather than adding a binding. And then, I will sew along the edges to add reinforcement to the end seams. I have some heavier threads to tie it and will leave that part to the end just before giving it to a new baby.

The primary lesson I learned from doing this quilt is that pre-design might make projects more appreciated by myself and by others. Also, I want to work on seeing beyond the pattern I find and want to follow. The second baby quilt that is like this uses the same pattern with completely different fabric choices.