Friday, December 11, 2015

Catching up on the BOM

This BOM is almost a mystery quilt because each block is revealed at the beginning of the month. We only pull together the fabric at the beginning and attempt to coordinate from one block to another. 

The thing about this pattern is that there is a frame around each block and then the sashing. I absolutely love my choices so far even though I have no idea how it will turn out. The red FQs were a Secret Santa gift to me years ago. I never knew what to do with them. Some of them read more brown, yet one that looks brown is called RoseWood for example. 

I am behind on two blocks for November and December, and they need to be framed as well. At least with a photo of what is finished, I can see which of the colors need to be included more to balance out the full 12 blocks. After seeing my maternal Grandmother's candle remain lit til the end, I decided to make this a day to catch up.

My younger Son sent me a couple of batting packages for Winter Solstice and that might mean getting three quilts from them. Woot! It means I can finish quilts for the Great-Nieces.