Wednesday, December 9, 2015

time out

I found that I needed to catch up on other things besides quilting and so, after getting the closet cleared to hold another empty bin, I filled it with smaller containers for the next projects. I just need to stop quilting for the rest of the month. The shed needs cleaning. What I have for holiday decor needs to be handled with decisions about its future use. Do I keep storing it or what? Minimizing is a challenge and isn't for just one layer of life. I need answers to things surrounding me. 

Its like when I was doing all those public rituals and renting space. I had to come in to clear, cleanse, and then consecrate. I do believe that is what my next steps to being in my home are about. As I have said, there is no one here to do it for one to make these choices. And I best make them while I can.