Monday, December 7, 2015

Coming Out of The Closet

Sigh. I am not sure how 2016 will go as I finish projects started, some maybe several years ago. The projects might go quickly or they might give me trouble. Some do not have those famous 'notes-to-self' on them and it will mean struggling to find the next steps.

The first thing I did this morning was to cut a lot (13) 6"x12" pieces that I packaged to send someone who wants to do the monthly prayer flags but does not sew nor does she have fabric. I included a small spool of thread and a needle, plus a simple instruction for her to do a running stitch. These will serve as prayer flag foundations and any work she does on them will be her own interpretation. 

Then I turned my attention to one of the two panels meant to make a fabric book. I found a pattern in one of the old magazines I have that makes a baby quilt out of the panel of book pages. The black and white small edge on it will have to be removed in order to have the 2.5" squares fit as borders. More trimming.

I spent time laying it out and machine appliqued the pine cone pic to the center of this one to cover up the book plate piece. 

There is a second book-page-panel that finishes this project. My plan (and I need to write that note-to-self) is to finish them up to the stage of adding poly-batting, and leave for another time to do a simple tie to them rather than quilting. I might re-enforce the top with top stitching but will not do regular quilting on a baby/kid's quilt. They have to stand up to a lot of dragging around and laundering.

Everything in them seems to be scraps I pulled together to match the panel. Some were cut and ready to piece. Some waiting for borders or backing. I am not sure at this moment. The challenge is that there are scraps in it, AND no note. Although there is no family baby coming any time soon, what my goal for these is to make them ready for me to finish if enough time passes and my skills wane. Tying will make it so very easy. And easy works.