Saturday, December 26, 2015

learning to count

When I bought the curtain rod hardware for the Tree Wallhangings, it was my hope to give my Sons seasonal quilted wall hangings. They measured 24" x 27".

This first one I made is for Valentine's Day as well as spring. For as lovely as it is, without binding, it measures 33"x32" and that is too wide. Too wide and too long to fit on their hardware. It needs a sleeve in back to hang and binding. As I look at this pic, the binding would look great in a darker red that matches the Spring Green border. 

I plan to make smaller ones for my Sons using the smallest of Twister templates and adjust to make the width closer to that 24". I'm going to try and buy more of that fabric for the borders on the ones I want to make them, and shop from my closet to find the red binding.

Planning for width and length using the Lil Twister is a bit of a mystery to me. I didn't keep the measurements on others I made so almost have to start from scratch. Notes-to-Self!