Thursday, December 3, 2015

Remembering to Pray

Not that I need reminders. However, I love the Prayer Flag swaps in Swap-bot and joined for December. Then, I have a WTA (winner take all) for Solstice. "Be with me. Take my hand. Protect those I love. Thank you for all I have." Prayer takes many forms.

Sometimes when I make a prayer flag, I let the fabric speak for me and include a note as to my intention. This black background is perfect for Winter Solstice-longest Night energy. On the swap flag, I wrote 'Sing with Joy' and am not sure if I will include the plastic & string snowflake on the top. The one with the 2 birds for the WTA is perfect.

I love prayer flags so much that I asked if I could do a 12-month swap using the archetypes women go through in their lives as the theme for each month. January starts with the Daughter. I'll work up a commentary with suggestions and see what happens. I'd like to hang mine on my new wrought iron arbor in back over next year.

Whatever comes my way in these prayer flag swaps is always just what I need, just what I want to pray for or about. It is a connection to community and the divine, flying prayers.