Friday, December 18, 2015

my Secret Santa

While the gifts keep coming, one thing I got on Day 5 was a Charm pack of gold holiday fabrics. I pieced them together to make a table topper for one of my gifts for next year. I spent the day joining the blocks for the first round, adding a white with gold stars border, then cutting it to the template. 

It is my plan to buy half a yard of a gold poinsettia fabric for a 5" border. I have other fabrics but they are too strong for the gold, and the gold gets lost in the middle. I want to highlight its charm for the season. I thought I had a pattern down for it as I laid it out, however, it took on a completely different look than what I planned for it. Fabrics, when they are cut, can take on a completely different look to them. I still like this.

I did finish the strip quilt binding and have that wrapped as a Winter Solstice gift, so am completely finished with my quilt projects for 2015.

This was Day 7 of the Secret Santa opening and each day is just so wonderful. One of the 7 in today's gift was a windmill template for a smaller size scrap (3.5"), so now I have one that made today's Table Topper at 5", and another for 10". I am just thrilled to be able to use my scraps and have ways to make that happen.

What saddens me is that the woman I sent to had been ill and nothing they gave her as treatments worked, so she is currently in hospice. Even though I shipped early, I do not think she was able to open her gifts. They may sit in that box for her family to either trash or open and give away. Life is like that. Get it while you can.