Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How Sweet It Is

While I did make a new Mug Rug, the binding is pinned, ready for me to stitch, and I'll post a photo when I finish it.

What I did most of all today was to make some Biscotti, some Pizzelles, and some HoneyBalls to send to my Sons. It is my hope to get the boxes sealed, addressed and ready to post.

Nothing tastes good to me these days and so sampling these items was of no use. Thing is, because this happens to folks, they need a taste-tester and I don't have one. 

The school kids say, "you git whatcu git, and you don't throw a fit!" And then "the Sun will come out tomorrow!"

Everyone should have some elder in their family they can talk about. Heck, I still remember going with my future husband to his Grandfather's home for dinner. He served fried chicken that was still pink. My future husband begged me to eat the edges and not say anything. Turns out, I loved that old man, and remembering that experience still brings joy to my heart.

If the Dolce (sweet) sucks, maybe one day they can laugh about it too.