Saturday, December 5, 2015


I finished the top for this project and now it goes into the bin to finish with batting and a back for another day. It looks to be a new year coming that is about renaming any self-defeating, possibly even neurotic quilting behaviors I developed. I would like to change those kinds of behaviors by working on ones I like about myself such as conservation,  or re-purposing fabrics by simply shopping from my own closet first.

I would like to make creative backs to go with quilt tops I make, such as this one. What I might have done in the past would have been to go out and purchase a fabric in a white print with something more patriotic. When I finish it, the back will be something from my stash.

I would like to find and make use of quilting tips like this one a quilter friend of mine gave. She discovered that the top of the Gutterman spools pops out and will fit in the larger spools so they fit on the sewing machine. I have a few of them that have been sitting in my thread box that I can use now! I am so excited because it means I can shop from my closet FIRST!

The rest of my day needs to be spent inside the house, cleaning, setting up Solstice decorations and trying to figure out what the heck is going on with the outdoor lights. They work and then they don't.