Wednesday, December 23, 2015

One Thing I Learned

Trim all squares to an equal size. 

While fitting in hasn't always been something I strive for in my personal life, I have come to see the value of it in my quilts.

I know it takes time and blocks 'should' be correct if all the pieces are cut the same. But it is not always the case. Like most of us, we change minute to minute. We change our minds, we change our clothes, we change our direction. So do these squares and blocks change with the most minute shift. These all measure 8"x12". My next step is to cut and join small blocks for the top and bottom frames. It is going to be a cute baby comforter. It will wait til I get out to buy batting for it. Wait with a note-to-self.

Going forward on these projects of the day meant I was to trim and measure twice to make sure the piece was spot on. My trimmings are going into a box for the next pet bed. I plan to donate the pet beds to the Spring Humane Society fundraiser. There is enough for one small one.

I did finish the back for the first book-panel-to-quilt. I've had this horizontal print for some time. It is cute but I could never figure out how to use it. I am not quite ready to cut into fabrics like these. What is amazing is that it fits! It is cut into two main pieces and then four on the bottom. I matched the pieces by using a strong line in the print. It will need pressing when I am ready to baste. There was literally no leftover fabric. The batting is going on my list of purchases. It would be a good goal to finish tops and bottoms of all my projects.

Directional fabrics present a challenge. When I think of humans who are single focused, and in order to fit, I wonder what their process is to find healing. They may go madly along not even realizing that there might be options. Like this fabric, a person who will not see things differently might sit alone without purpose, no matter how attractive they are. They don't have to change as much as some visionary needs to see how to include them in the process.

I am really getting on with my 2016 list.