Monday, December 14, 2015

Batik Strip Quilt

When my friend Lee passed, I inherited 5-6 huge packing boxes filled with fabric, and quilting accessories. In sorting it, I knew there was a lot in the boxes I wasn't ready to use or might never use. I gave at least half of it away. That is a habit that encourages my health and cheerfulness. The other day, I heard from a woman. I had finished one of Lee's quilts meant for Lee's Sister-in-Law (the woman's Mother) in blues and yellows. The woman said she is giving the quilt to her Grandchild. How wonderful!

That reminded me that I have a few other projects of hers that were unfinished. I found two batik Jelly Rolls. She didn't quilt with batiks and there was no note-to-self, so I had no idea what to do with them. Another thing in those boxes were stacks of quilting magazines. 

As I browsed, I found this simple pattern that joined the rows and then joined the rows into a quilt top. All random. I basted it to a 100% cotton sheet back and plan to join random strips for the binding. With luck, I can finish it in a few days and give it to the youngest of Lee's Daughters for a Winter Solstice gift. None of her Daughters quilts and she did make each of them quilts while she was alive. This might be a special comfort quilt.