Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Oh Baby

This baby book conversion into a baby blanket has been interesting. I am almost finished with the first one. As I think about the season, it becomes another one of choice in my opinion. I chose not to get overwhelmed by the flow of holiday shoppers. I chose to smile and be jolly. I chose to enjoy the traditional music (even though I do not celebrate that tradition). I chose to have a sense of joy and wonder with anything that comes in the mail. I chose to have a glad heart.

And I chose to keep quilting. This is the first of the baby quilts. It needs a second border, top stitching, and then the back pieced to fit before putting it back into the closet.

Like the legend of the gift bringer, Santa, I will be making a shopping list. I plan to use poly batting to make it have that fluffy feel. As I worked on this, following the pattern, what it assumed was it would be made from 13 pages from the storybook and there were only 12, so I had to improvise. I am not going to take it apart because it DID look ok when I laid it out.

When I look at the photo, it reminds me of all those times that I did something that ended up not quite right. And then I think about the joy I see in photos sent to me that are taken when the youngest of the children open their boxes. Usually all I have sent, really, is my love. The boxes are wrapped with lovely ribbons, and the contents are simple and inexpensive.

Over the years, I have witnessed how these little baby blankets with a holiday theme have become treasures. Eventually whomever the child receiving this one is, they will love the look of it, see the charm and feel the warmth and love. I will finish it up so that the next step is getting the batting. And I will move along to finish the second little conversion.

Heaven knows how I feel about it all this morning.