Thursday, December 24, 2015

Just a Trim Please

When I found a pattern for a Halloween fabric panel I bought some time ago, it called for various small pieces of fabric, so I put together a 'kit' and set it aside. That was a few years ago and so it really sat. Panels are great to practice hand quilting on, doing a simple shadow outline.

The pattern called for framing the panel and creating 2 sets of 12 making 24 blocks to surround the piece as a border. I started working on those blocks based on what scraps gathered. I finished framing the panel and finished making the first set of 12 blocks. Thing is, I trimmed them up and squared them to make 6" blocks. Now I am setting the project aside once again. I have checked off what I did on the pattern but plan to write a note-to-self. The second set of 12 blocks is all that is left before assembling the complete top. With luck it will all again, that word, that concept...and I can find something for the back.

Meanwhile, I've turned my attention to Valentine's Day. If you quilt and what you make is for gifts, you always have to be ahead of the season to get things done in time to send, and in time for them to hang or use it. Valentine's Day is a short season. A month, maybe.

I am upsizing this pattern for the Lil Twister template and making the wallhanging the same size I sent my Sons for Solstice. It is more scrappy too. 

Quilters rank themselves depending upon their skill. Some patterns will help you decide if you are ready for the task. Do I ever wish life was like that! In both quilting and life, it is a matter of practicing, trial and error, learning by observation and just taking a chance. And we really do need to self-identify. 

An Intermediate Quilter is confident enough to change pattern color choices and placement. With this Twisting Heart project, I know that I don't have the pastel pinks and that my choices are going to represent the intensity and passion for color, red in particular, that go along with my personality. 

Shopping from my closet first is not as easy as one would think. Most of the fabric in my bins has been given to me as leftovers from someone else's project or even from the leftovers from what I purchased. I try to buy only the amount that is called for, but it seems that there ends up being more. When I select fabrics from my closet for a project, it seems I spend a fair amount of time to find the right sizes and the right colors.

And I do think I will make a mini quilt or table topper that follows the above pattern in order to use up more of the pinks that are left from the bigger projects. How does the stash always seem to expand? 

I don't get it. 

When I ran that request on Facebook for folks who were open to receive something quilted by me, most of the 14 people who commented did not give me specifics. They said they were open to anything made by me. I guess that leaves a sort of freedom for me to create. They don't know what I have and I think they didn't want to seem greedy. I wonder if I could even make 14 quilts along with the 4 WIP for my family? I did say that I would be making quilts, table toppers, candle mats or mug rugs.

We have to speak our truth in order for any sort of manifestation to happen. I asked people to say what their favorite holiday is, what colors they prefer and then what they were open to receive.

What I learned from participating in the 12 Days of Christmas swap is that we need to be clear about our preferences, habits, skills and desires if we want to make it easy for the Secret Santa to give appropriate gifts. I figured that if a person likes a particular holiday, they would be open to having just about anything to decorate. Should be an interesting year.