Sunday, February 21, 2016

Am I Blue?

Oh,  I love this one.  I pulled all the blue 5" charms I could find from my stash, as well as the whites. It will be one of the wallhangings I make for the FB14. 

I love working with the Lil Twister. I have been noticing other easy table runners, but until I lose interest in this pattern, I will continue making it. Different colors make it a completely different wallhanging that none of the people who receive them will ever see. This periwinkle might make a nice 3" border and binding. Not sure what I have for the back, and because it is a wallhanging, it will not really matter.

Another thing I did today was to trace a pattern onto white muslin so I could embroider it in black for the Hallows quilt. I didn't get any hand quilting done. I found a pattern in an old quilting magazine that uses

My inner knee is hurting more and more so I do need to ice and elevate it.