Saturday, February 13, 2016

34 Blocks in 2 Days

Not sure what to call this block. It is scrappy. It is a variant from a true rail fence. It is 12" squares raw. Obviously, 34 blocks that finish 11.5", what I have is not enough to finish a quilt back. I did, however, clear out the container that held all my 2.5" strips. It took me two days to come up with a plan, cut, pin, piece, press and trim them all to size. They still need to be joined in rows and then joined to form the quilt back.

I can understand why a lot of quilters might choose to toss their scraps and call it done.

It is sort of like eating as healthy as you can. It takes planning to grocery shop, planning to cook differently, and it takes more money to buy good food. Well, how do I compare that to quilting with environmental consciousness?

I think that the first step comes in seeing a need to become more aware of the personal world we live in and what we can do to conserve, to recycle, re-purpose or re-use. 

Scrap quilting steps up to that plate.

Then the next step is understanding to undertake scrap quilting will take more of our time and take more of our commitment. I suppose that could be applied to any work or past time we have.  We have joys and passions. They can be experienced with environmental consciousness.

So when I finish the two family quilts that were planned for this year, then EVERYTHING else I make must, must, must be done with a deep awareness. And so it will be.

I worked at the Humane Society fundraiser today. It thrives on the donations of folks who make and bring things to sell as much as the folks who walk by and purchase something. Its hard to know what will garner some money, and its always nice to see someone drop money into the donation jar. The dried cranberry muffins I made sold almost right away. The pet beds were still sitting there when I left at the end of my shift by noon. Whomever gets them will make a donation or they will be back for sale in a couple of months.

I am back home hand quilting. I'll be gone all day on Sunday, heading up to Yosemite by train, which arrives back in Bakersfield after 10 pm with another hour drive home in the dark. I do not expect to quilt, so will probably not blog until Monday.