Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hallows Heart

Thing is, unless a piece is fussy cut, when you cut and piece, sometimes you get what you get. all beautiful things take time to evolve, and beauty changes with time. Some times I like something I have made more than other pieces. And because I am making so many of these hearts, they come in all sorts of combinations. I've added a sleeve to them so they are more than a table top.

This swap, 'Something Old, Something New, Something Spooky, Something Blue' is still evolving. It is a bit smaller than the others. I trimmed the background so the heart comes to the edge of it, and I made the border smaller. It measures 28" square. It is not the usual Hallows decoration even though it is made with a lot of Hallows fabrics. Only the blue charms were non-seasonal. For now, it is set aside. My next step is to get batting to fit, and then find fabric for the back and the binding. I've got til mid-April to send it out.