Thursday, February 4, 2016

Big City Shopping

All I wanted was a batik for the back, and some hand quilting thread. Of course the bolt with colors that would work was a yard short of what I needed. I auditioned regular quilting cotton and settled for a bolt of red tone on tone flannel. 

I remembered to breathe. I remembered to avoid responding to my panic with more fear. I let myself be aware of my feelings of disappointment, frustrations and yes fear. Fear that all the work I put into the top would be compromised by flannel. 

I also shopped the sales at JoAnn's. I got another package of batting, some fleece, quilting thread, wire for my Button Fairies, and then when to Kohl's next door for a few shirts, and to the dollar store for padded envelopes, fat pens, postcards and candy.

Nothing I bought made me feel better. But it did remind me to go on, to get to the next step and to drive home safely. I am so whacked as the Downtown Abbey Lord says. That's it for the day. Shopping.