Saturday, February 6, 2016

Never Really Done

I felt pretty good about spending so much time in bed...from 9 am to 2 pm. Of course, I was up and down pre-washing that red flannel backing which bled after many washings. I got a lot of advice on what to do with it, but red still bleeds. And of course, the real task I set about for myself began when I gathered all my quilting magazines and the 3-ring binders. I tossed quite a bit of the old patterns after re-thinking and re-filing what I had. At one time, they were patterns I thought I wanted to make. Now, I am quite aware that making quilts with squares and rectangles will make them quite stunning. I no longer want stars or triangles to match.

Then I went back into the studio only to find another stack of magazines. So back to bed I went. I really wanted to take advantage of my current attitude about sorting and resting. This bed-thing wasn't so bad. It is next to a South window, so the warm sunshine is a plus.

Thing is, there he was. Rico, the Cat. Soaking up the sunshine in a warmed spot, just ready for him. You have to really look to see him in this picture, but he is there! Hiding. Stealthy.

I had only been absent a few minutes, and lost my place. However, work is work and my job wasn't done, so off the bed he went. Many people like to say it is all about the process. Well, there is a danger in getting caught up in the process if you only deal with details, or if you only deal with the goal. 

The pile of magazines had a few really good ones that I do want to save. However a lot of the pile was quilting books and those I did not want to discard. I am happy with the finish of the project for now and can return to it when need arrives and find what I am looking for right away. That part of the process is done and it only took another 45 minutes.

I pinned and machine stitched the binding onto the Summer Solstice quilt for one of the FB14's. I started hand stitching it and hope to have it done this week. I've made an appointment in the clubhouse to baste the graduation quilt on Monday so want to try another wash in white vinegar and salt. When I washed it with some white cloth, it seemed to hold its color. However one more shot with it cannot hurt.