Thursday, October 12, 2017

All I Can Do is Laugh

I started piecing the 12th Day for that Christmas swap gift, having labeled all the pieces cut earlier this month. And of course, I could blame my vision, and while that is true, I have had trouble reading patterns from time to time. 

Okay, I admit that following instructions for anything is hard for me. It was endearing when I was younger. Now, it is an irritant.

First of all, one of the pieces was cut 1/2" too short. THEN I read the pattern to make the bag section of it by sewing the corners on the short side of the bag. It wasn't until I got to the facing part that goes over the top of the bag that I discovered I pieced it the long way rather than the short way. Long / short. Words too easily misunderstood. How about horizontal / vertical? Or put an arrow? Sigh.

This is the first try. Then, I found fabric & re-cut 3 pieces to correct it so it works as a thread catcher. I've got the bag made (see below) with facing with batting on, pressed and pieced on the bag itself. Luckily, it doesn't get shipped until mid-November, so there is lots of time. Its hard to tell by the photos, but the one above is long and shallow.

The thread catcher bag is done according to the pattern now, round & deep. I like how large this bag is because I can get my hand in it to take out the thread. Mine works to catch but not retrieve so I may make one of myself some time, or use the ill chosen parts and adapt them so they work.

The loop for the button is done & the button attached. 

I am not sure how it is supposed to look with the fabric choices I made. Once again, I think I read the pattern and didn't understand it. Thing is, I am getting a cold, so now is not the time to try and think logically. I selected a blue solid for the pocket panel (and believe I might have chosen unwisely). All the other gifts for the swap are done & wrapped, so there is time to make adjustments on this final project. 

If the blue solid fabric doesn't work, it will be my sample, and I can cut another piece.

I need to be a bit more gentle with myself because for the few times I do mis-read a pattern, there have been many, many more where I was successful.

Three Good Things / Day 27:
  1. Coffee
  2. Coffee made with filtered water
  3. Coffee with Italian Sweet Cream. Yes coffee.