Thursday, October 19, 2017

Weekender Tote

The Project was pinned to attach straps and I remembered, so that is what part of it I did today. I've bought magnetic clasps but am not sure how to proceed with that part and may go back to the store for help.

I double-stitched the strap at the pockets for my own peace of mind. I like how it looks and decided to give it to my younger Son for his birthday in Februrary rather than to send it for Winter Solstice. Two things. First, by delaying it, I won't feel pressured to finish it. By delaying it for a birthday gift, I can take my time to make the Outhouses quilt for my older Son's birthday.

Meanwhile, I made Crock Pot VEGAN Split Pea Soup. I started enough for two pots so let it cook on the stove awhile and then divided it. One half is in jars and will go to the pot when this part is eaten. A taste test surprised me at how much it is like one made with a ham hock.

Three Good Things / Day 34:
  1. I am here
  2. October Birthday quilt boxed and ready to ship
  3. I got a good night's sleep and feel refreshed today.