Wednesday, October 4, 2017


A black fabric I purchased for the first border in a 2018 Halloween quilt reads more brown compared to the blacks on the quilt top. It will work perfectly on the Outhouses quilt so has been re-purposed. There is a sale in town til Saturday where I can buy more of a true black and finish the top. 

I am excited to return to my daily quilting projects. I've cut out both months for the BOM, and the pin cushion table mat, so those projects are ready to piece. The machine is clean and bobbins loaded.
Three Good Things / Day 19:
  1. Sorted & cut Fabrics for 2 of the BOM blocks. It had been easy to set these projects aside at this time of the year as I finished quilts with deadlines rather than to just do them each month. I dislike procrastinating & yet find that I am less obsessed with getting things done on time
  2. I am stretching my comfort zones when it comes to paper crafting and have found a way to use old calendars. Now if I could cut up some of my favorite magazines
  3. The trash haulers gave us a huge re-cycling bin.