Saturday, October 21, 2017

Clean Up, Clean Up

I thought about moving into the great room of my home. I was able to do that with the IMac, but now, everything is connected to the router. My studio is painted a light blue for walls and a darker blue ceiling. It faces west, and I have a large wall in back so it doesn't get as much sun as the rooms in the east. 

So, oh well. 

For the goal of making this room 'winter-worthy', I am dusting what I can reach with the ladder and from standing on the floor. I rearranged what was on the shelves so I could get layers of dust. It surprised me how much dust there was. Some items went into the thrift store box.

How is this quilting? Even better, how is it spiritual? When I move things, from my body to my stuff, my awareness goes with me. When I focus my awareness on something, I see that thing, whether it is my body or my environment with a lot more awareness.

For me, order is important. It helps clear my thoughts if I don't have to focus on dust or something that no longer sparks joy for me.

Lately, this cold & cough have taken my energy. How much of that is dust related, who knows? I haven't felt like doing anything. Yet, this morning, I felt like my own inner tornado wanting to get this studio clean. I know I am not as flexible on the ladder as I used to be. I know that my energy is not as strong. Maybe this will be one of the last times I get up on that ladder. Maybe next time, my housekeeper will handle the task. 

Three Good Things / Day 36:

  1. The studio is dusted, re-organized with clear energy
  2. Studio windows were washed down from the outside
  3. I am keeping my Elliptical Trainer, after considering its sale.