Thursday, October 5, 2017

BOM September Block

I worked on the BOM quilt and had a horrific time with the pattern. I contacted the designer for help reading it and while it finally did make sense, she had to change one thing on the pattern. I just couldn't get it. 

Unfortunately, the color choices don't really work for me and I may end up re-making it. It is raw & unpressed. I will lay it out with the other blocks and see if I want to keep it or re-do it. It is correct, but not appealing to me.

It was a little warmer out, however, the bug spray guy came & cautioned me to stay inside for a few hours to let the chemicals settle. We get fierce winds here, though today seemed calm.

Three Good Things / Day 20:

  1. The Kale soup is wonderful, with enough for another day. It had an onion, a can of tomatoes, and a potato so it was really yum.
  2. Jane loves her quilt. They have enough for this year, so are not on my list again until 2019
  3. Rico is feeling good again, yet will stay in his bed high upon a shelf unit in the hall bathroom. He likes having boundaries.