Sunday, October 1, 2017

Outhouse Quilt

My older Son is a plumber. In fact, he teaches new candidates for the Union he is in. He has most likely never seen an old style outhouse, but will love this one when I finish it for him next year.

Sometimes the hardest part of making a quilt is finding fabrics. I got the drawings of the 4 blocks and searched my stash for bits and pieces that would make wood, roofs, and stonework. Next I bought a piece of powder blue for the background of the blocks. 

The block designer suggested cutting pieces in different directions to make it look different in each block and yet coordinate. Now that all this part is assembled, I need to find the coordinating FQ's for borders and sashing. I got the 4 sketches of the outhouses and can applique them first & then find the remaining fabrics.

Three Good Things / Day 17:

  1. It was a great day in Las Vegas with my Son & Jane. While tragedy struck there later in the evening, my family is safe. (praying for those involved)
  2. She loved the Cat mug rug
  3. I won almost $150 on penny slots. Crazy!!!