Monday, October 2, 2017

Vegas Aftermath

My younger Son contacted me right away before I heard the news (I don't have a TV but FB reports are frequent) to say they were in the chaos but he kept Jane from going into the crowd so they were safe. I didn't want to post anything because at that first time, no one really knew what was happening. The trip home on the 15 seemed odd for how slow traffic was until we got to the border where the Nevada / California police were checking each car. 

Then, this morning texts and calls came in on my phone because I had posted a pic of us in front of the glided MGM lion, which was all blurry but said where we were. Crowds from the concert ran past the MGM, fleeing for their lives.

I can get streaming on this computer hookup and so watched while I cleaned cat yak from the floor and carpet. Guess he got stressed I was gone. Anyway, such feelings from everyone in the news just left me sensing that I could clean and do laundry but to let the other stuff, like quilting go until another day.

Three Good Things / Day 17
  1. Vegas has changed a lot, with more buildings, a different way to play the slots (I won almost $150 on penny slots)
  2. I did cut down some vines off the back wall & put them in the trash
  3. The sun is shining