Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Applique Quilt-Along

Ernest Hemingway said that 'Courage is grace under pressure'. I am not sure I feel at all pressured by my quilting projects for the remaining part of the year. There is one left to ship and it is ready to go. Yet, in truth, pressure is felt in more than the obvious ways. Sometimes there is pressure when I avoid my work.

This applique project has four blocks and three of them have been released. Also, I want to do one with Outhouses on it for my older Son. This one will help me see how colors blend according to the pattern.

This was my beginning work on block #2. I drew and cut out the applique iron-ons. The HSTs were ready to cut as were strips for the border blocks. There is a lot to do on these blocks and luckily, I am not too far behind. 

I dealt with my nonsensical resistance to the project. The applique part of the block took a couple hours to finish. It actually was fun. All the other parts were just assembly from that point forward. I like this one better than the first and learned how to lay the iron-on onto the back side of the fabric so it follows the pattern.

This is a quilt made with scraps. And I think it is going to be really nice when it is finished.

I am not sure what the issue was to getting back to quilting. I've been guessing. For instance, nothing I have going has an immediate deadline. Another was just feeling inept. All my reasons or excuses were silly. No one to jump start me. I had to decide if I wanted to keep at it or stop. I am back.

Three Good Things / Day 32:
  1. Plants are just leaping with growth now that the drought lifted
  2. I learned that one of the differences a person can tell is that the tail of the Crow looks like a fan, and the tail of a Raven looks like a wedge
  3. Only Ravens live here in the Valley.